Polygraph testing is mainly done for private business sector purposes in South Africa. A typical polygraph examination will include a period referred to as a pre-test, a chart collection phase and a test data analysis phase. In the pre-test, the polygraph examiner will complete required paperwork and talk with the examinee about the test.

During this period, the examiner will discuss the questions to be asked and familiarise the examinee with the testing procedure. During the chart collection phase, the examiner will administer and collect a number of polygraph charts. Following this, the examiner will analyse the charts and render an opinion as to the truthfulness of the person taking the test. The examiner, when appropriate, will offer the examinee an opportunity to explain physiological responses in relation to one or more questions asked during the test. It is important to note that a polygraph does not include the analysis physiology associated with the voice.

We can offer the following:

  • LVA (Layered Voice Analysis)
  • Professional polygraphs – Truth verification and confirming statements
  • Pre-employment testing and screening
  • Periodic testing of staff (integrity analysis)
  • Employee drug testing – individual or mass screening
  • Specific incident testing and investigation – theft, fraud, risk
  • Evidence collection