Trio-Data Namibia

Camera Room Operator

Camera Room Operators are highly trained Security Personnel who operate the Close Circuit Television Systems in large retail stores or businesses. The operators are part of the management team of a business and are able to collect crucial information, as an objective outsider, not only about irregularities committed by customers and staff, but also administrative errors or neglect of company policy by staff members. Observation is performed by using the methodology of pure surveillance, based on the assessment of video material analysed for suspicious or surreptitious activity.

Front End Controller

Front-end controllers are exclusively trained to manage all activities pertaining to the front-end (till) area of retailers in particular.

Their main focus is to prevent any form of irregularity at the till points, kiosk counters and parcel counters.

They also have to assist with the ongoing training of all front-end personnel and are qualified to address problems on site for maximum results.

Labelling Clerk

The Labelling Clerk is responsible for the marking (applying the Label for the EAS system) on all the high risk items.

Stock Clerk

Stock Clerks fulfill a much specialised admin function in the receiving and dispatching bays of large retail businesses or warehouses. Their main function is to ensure all stock received and dispatched corresponds with the official invoices and documentation.  Receiving procedures and administrative actions are closely monitored to adhere to policies and procedures.

Retail Supervisor

The Retail Supervisor plays a vital administrative role in the loss prevention, control and management of retail, wholesale or an industrial organisation. The primary duties of the Retail Supervisor pertain to the gathering of information about shrinkage causing factors, for example administration/system errors. These supervisors are administratively trained to address problems on-site, and are invaluable to Management in the prevention and rectification of administrative errors.